In light of some of the concerns due to COVID-19, SHELBYVILLE 8 THEATRES would like to invite you to a movie experience event of your choosing that is SAFE, COMFORTABLE AND PERSONAL. A safe, private screening for you and your friends of the movies you want to see! $99.00 (plus tax) entitles you to book your reservation for the movie of your choice, time and date (contigent on scheuling) and bring up to 22 guests (including you) for your private screening event. 1) Pick any movie currently playing or coming soon at the theatre of your choice. If we are not playing the movie you want to see, we can book any movie for your event. There would be an additional $49 charge to book play your special request. 2) Pick a day and a time you want your private screening (weekends are subject to posted show times in some cases--weekdays you choose anytime between 3PM and 9PM). 3) Call CALL THE MANAGER'S LINE 502-633-7313 OR EMAIL US AT SHELBYVILLECINEMA8@GMAIL.COM


*Bring up to 22 people of your choice (friends, family--whomever you invite) for your private movie event. Additional people (over 22) add normal ticket price per person up to 40 people.
*Private screening means only you and your group can attend your event (not open to the public or anyone except your group).
*Theatre will be 100% sanitized one hour before your scheduled event.
*Only you and your group will be allowed to view the screening without interruption *Concession counter will be open for your event (group and concession discount prices will apply with minium required patrons of 18 or more).
*See your movie with ONLY your friends and family you choose to invite.
*Show times are flexible Monday through Thursday for a time of your convenience.
*You will need to book your event 48 hours in advance for your Private Screenings. (special requests and movies that have to be booked that we are not playing may take up to 10 days).
*FULL COVID-19 procedures, policies, safety measures and precautions will apply to create a safe environment for your party.
*Personal and special requests and accommodations as always, will be implemented if possible private screening prices and conditions.

A 50% NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT MUST BE MADE (24) HOURS BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED EVENT. Group rates and additional discounts for tickets and concessions are available for groups of 18 or more. For larger event bookings check with manager for details. WE ARE EXCITED TO OFFER THIS SAFE, AND PERSONAL PRIVATE SCREENING OPPORTUNITY TO ALL OUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS!! SEE YOU AT THE MOVIES!!


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